Today we had a guest lecturer come into uni, who told us about his work and gave us advice on our work for our current project. Robert Darch is well known for capturing environments and people in their environments really well. He began with telling us how he became a photographer.

Robert Darch grew up in the midlands but attended uni in Newport which is where he captured his Dartmoor project.

He was very ill in his 20′s (underwent a minor stroke). This meant he felt as he lost most 20′s and didn’t get to experience the life of a typical twenty year old. This is when he decided to do his project named ‘Vale’. Which is where he photographed a group of 20 year olds on a road trip which made him nostalgic of the summer memories he never had. He liked to photograph younger people in reference to youth.

I like this photograph from the project as it is a typical youthful photograph yet at the same time there’s part of you that has to think twice about whether he’s drowning or not.

I like the simplicity of the this photograph as the positioning of the subject and the use of lighting is all it needs for create an interesting atmosphere in the photograph.

Overall I found Robert Darch a very interesting photographer as he had interesting yet simple concept to his Vale project. His photographs have a natural and familiar rhythm to them.

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