Above is my first attempt of writing a CV specifically for looking for work as professional photographer. These types of CVs are different from applying for an average part-time job in a supermarket. 

With art-based CVs you don’t need to include most of the things that you normally would. ‘Education’ wise you don’t need to include qualifications that you achieved before university as employers will assume you did well before hand to get to university. They won’t be interested on what you got in GCSE Geography. You also don’t need to put any work experience that is not related to photography or anything creative that could be of relevance. Its the same as putting irrelevant qualifications as the employer isn’t interested in how many years you poured pints for.

However, you do need to build a career history of exhibitions, publications, commissions etc. As your career history expands you don’t want a tedious list of things you have done so you can just show the more recent years worth of work and practice. You want to come across as confident and professional rather than trying to prove yourself.

It’s clear that my CV will be quite underwhelming as it’s quite early days in my photography career but I’ve showed examples of headings that I will eventually fill out. I am excited to see how my CV progresses in the next few years as my career sets off.

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