Marketing is important when setting up photography businesses. Marketing is to ensure we’re promoting in a professional manner, builds a reputation for your image, using a unique/classic designs makes you memorable and well thought out branding shows you’re committed and invested into photography.


As I’m early on in my photography career, I felt the one of the important steps to take was to make business cards. As this is simply for when you get into conversation with people about your work and its a little reminder of you so they can easily contact you if they’re ever in need of a photographer. I think its important to make the business cards high quality enough for people not to want to throw them away. I think its also a good idea to give out photos with your information (large business cards) so then people feel too guilty to throw away something nice and they’ll keep them around their house instead. To begin with I’m going to purchase 50 normal business cards so I can get a feel for ‘’ as website as I’ve looked at vistaprint and various other websites but they don’t look like they’d suit my style of photography as much.

If I had a higher budget I would purchase the cotton business cards as they’re more environmentally friendly but for the time being I’m going to start with the basic ones.

Here I had the optional of rectangular or square sized business cards and then with round or sharp corners. I went with the rectangular (moo) shaped cards with sharp corners as I felt these would be most similar to giving out actual mini prints of your photographs.

I chose a moo template to start with as this is only a test run for my business cards. I chose the template called ‘Runway’ as these looked like little Polaroids which I felt was quite fitting for business cards for a photographer such as myself. I also liked the template as it meant the image would be portrait therefore I’d put my portrait photographs on them. I made some changes to template to make it more fitting to my style as I think it’s important in branding to have a specific style throughout all of your platforms to build a reputation and make yourself memorable. I changed the font to a much simpler and bolder style as the default font was a script style and not very clear.

I changed the image to a variety of my photographs, there will be 4 possible photographs on a singular business card. I chose 3 of my portraits from my feminism project and 1 landscape photo from my landscape project. This means I can cater the business card to whoever I’m giving one to depending on which photo is more relevant to the person.

I changed some of the information on the back that the template encourages you to put as some wasn’t necessary such as telephone numbers and addresses as I don’t have a studio.

I’m happy with what I was able to achieve from ‘’ as they offered nice and classic templates at a reasonable price. As my practice and style develops I will explore my designs and websites for business cards.


When it came to choosing which website to run my domain with I looked at, and Luckily my dad is very familiar with business and web design. I felt I would go with as a web designer that works with my dad is happy to help me. I would have chosen squarespace or wix as they’re simpler for people who don’t have this opportunity to collaborate with a web designer. Using wordpress means I can do a lot more with my website and it’s not as restricting as the others. My website is definitely still a work in progress but I’m excited to see how it develops over the rest of the year.


In this generation its not uncommon to find a lot of work through Instagram or Facebook pages and social media in general. It’s important to make these pages seperate to your personal social media accounts as when someone searches for you online they don’t need to see your personal life and may give them a bad impression. The username needs to be simple and clear such as ‘@imogenglanvillephotography’.

These pages shouldn’t be treated like a personal social media, there needs to be a professional looking visual scheme. You could also include research you do such as if you visit a gallery or exhibition this could be posted on your Instagram stories so it’s separate to you personal work and people can still keep up with what you’re doing.

It can also be important to follow the main photography magazine Instagram accounts and engage with them with the chance of them engaging back such as Instagram story takeovers.

It could also be useful to create a newsletter of what you’ve been up to in a year, what you’re working on right now and what your plans are for the next year. Send these newsletters as emails to people who are interested in your work or people you want to get the attention of i.e. commisions and remind them of your brand and your work so your work can circulate. This also shows people that you’re still committed to your work and shows professionalism/confidence.

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